Cheese Showcase: Prairie Breeze Cheddar

One of the best domestic cheeses one could eat! I always say that the quality of the milk is KEY!

Prairie Breeze Cheddar (info according to i-Gourmet cheeses)

Family farms in Iowa provide the exceptionally fresh milk that forms the backbone of Prairie Breeze’s smooth, grassy flavor. Prairie Breeze is characterized as a hybrid between cheddar and the Alpine-style of Emmental cheeses. Yet it has nutty tones and a savory finish that distinguish it from all other cheddars. It’s this interplay on the palate that keeps you reaching for “just one more” taste of this unique cheese. Although drier in texture than cheddar, it still melts well when you’re looking to add a subtle nuance to your culinary endeavors. Milton Creamery, located in the Village of Milton, nestled in the rural countryside of Southeast Iowa, is where the Musser’s, Rufus, Jane and Galen, find joy and fulfillment in their chosen occupation – handcrafting artisan cheeses.
The Mussers use high quality milk with no added RBST, produced on small Amish farms in the surrounding area to make an elite line of specialty cheese. Local farmers use time-honored methods, such as grazing in season, hand milking, and cooling the milk in bulk tanks. The Mussers bring the fresh milk into the plant, pasteurize it and make small batches of cheese using a special blend of cultures and a labor-intensive process for unique flavorful cheeses. The result is an array of artisan cheeses to tempt any appetite. Gute appetite!

Best of Class: Open Category, 2009 US Championship Cheese Contest, Wisconsin.

1st Place: Cheddar, 2009 American Cheese Society.
Gold Medal, 2010 World Cheese Contest, London. There were 5 Gold Medals awarded in the 9-12 month cheddar class, with Prairie Breeze being the only American winner.