Holiday Barrel Tasting

Dec 1-3 2017 celebrates a festive Holiday Barrel in Walla Walla. A time when wine makers “tap into the barrel” in anticipation of future releases as well as sampling and sales of their other available wines. Cugini Italian Import and Deli has your snacking covered!! We have over 100 meats and cheese to satisfy you paired desires! Whether it’s aged Gouda with salty crystals or a funky triple cream sensation…we got it! House made salami as well as other imported meats and prosciutto…even Serrano Ham! Olives what you crave? We have about a dozen varieties. Bread, crackers…we got it! We also have fabulous paninis and famous Cugini salad and dressing. Here are a few pairing ideas:

Aged Gouda such as our Primma Donna or Madonna Mia, or our Parmigiano Reggiano, Asiago, Gruyere or aged cheddar…choices choices!! These pair well with tannic red wines , because the tannins literally bind to protein and fat of these aged cheeses (Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Bordeaux)

Creamy cheese such as our fresh ricotta, triple cream or double cream, Camembert and Bucheron do well with dry to sweeter wines (Reisling, Chardonnay,)

Époisses, Taleggio, Morbier..even the stinky cheeses find a place with some local dry wines…it truly comes down to the taster’s choice.

Whatever your taste…we will set you up for a great tasting experience! Mention this article and receive 10% off a cheese of your choice.